seo-traffic-web-services offers full-service WordPress and Roku TV support and maintenance services to website owners. We deliver troubleshooting, emergency fixing, custom development, and day-to-day care for your WordPress website while you focus on running your blog or business. We can simplify your life by halving your workload and ensuring that you never need to worry about your WordPress website’s upkeep again.

WordPress Copper Quarter Plan

Original price was: $177.00.Current price is: $169.00. -5%

WordPress Silver Quarter Plan

Original price was: $297.00.Current price is: $287.00. -3%

WordPress Diamond Quarter Plan

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WordPress Gold Quarter Plans

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We help WordPress beginners start their business/blog

Being new to WordPress doesn’t have to mean being lost and overwhelmed. Our WordPress Beginners service will guide you through the many possibilities that you can realize for your business or blog with WordPress. Your site could be live within a matter of hours with our help in the form of tutorials, tips, and heaps of great advice.

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for affordable help & support for my needs

Glad you found us.We can help transform that vision of your online business or website for less.Our webservice pricing is actually lower than that of compatible services on or


Why Hire WordPress Developers From SeoTraffik Instead Of A Remote Freelancer?

Let’s be honest: it might be easy to find a developer online to outsource your needs, but are you sure you can trust him or her to  develope and deliver a finished and bug-free product,for you?

Feel at ease when you hire our highly vetted and professional wordpress developers,here at Seotraffik: we can be your ideal partners!


One time fix

Explain issue in detail

Once you decide to purchase our service our team will connect with you and discuss about the issue and find te best solution for that

Sit back and Relax

Lets give our team some time,to fully understand,how serious your issue,really is and once a solution has been found, our team will gladly,let you whats going on and upon your approval,execute that solution for you.Its really that simple!

Pay for the results

After you review your website and confirm the fix was 100% successful we’ll send you the bill or you can always pre-pay,the choice is yours.

Interested in doing it yourself for a change?

Knowledge will always be power and Learning a new set of skills ,can be a great asset for your company,long term.So we partnered,with one of the leading providers of online learning-Aliison Online-They offer 100s of free online courses with diplomas and certificates.Try them out today!


3 step process

With our 3 step process,we have pretty much simplified the entire way of embarking,on hiring us,for all your online business needs.No matter how large or small,those proyects,you have in mind,may be.

We deliver the better customer experiences your business deserves.

SeoTraffik is a very affordable but yet highly professional WordPress focused support provider.We strive,to offer you,the clients,with a 1 stop experience,for all your website based issues.

Let us help you,take your business to the next level of success.

Although,we focus on WordPress,we can also help you further with the following services:

 Were you aware that,we work hard to create software solutions that solve real-world problems for streaming content creators, online small business owners, and Roku TV Channel users while simplifying the complicated world of  web hosting and web developement for our clients.Ask Us, what we can do for your streaming business needs,today!

Dedicated Reps

Depending,on the subscription,you need,you will be assigned with a dedicated account rep,for all your online business needs.

Freelancer Marketplace

Cant find,the services you need,we have developed our own freelancer marketplace,to make it easier to find that perfect professional.

Premium Services

We have a array,of other great premuim services,for your online business or website,at very discounted prices or free options,that may work better,for your budget.

Dont be afraid to ask beforehand.

We know,how stressful,it can be, to ask questions and find what you need for your online business or website.Thus why we developed and designed our own website,to be as easy and simple as possible,just for you.

Get our pricing plan

Our subscription plans were designed to work,with the budget,you currently have in mind.

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