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Chargeback and Disputes

Chargeback and Disputes


Should you think that your billing or charges are incorrect, it is absolutely necessary for you to reach out to us in writing. We both agree to collaborate with each other honestly and gracefully toward settling any conflict concerning billing. If a “chargeback” or PayPal dispute is triggered due to this disagreement, the Service(s) shall be suspended until the debate has been settled up. For reactivating your Service(s), all pending payments must first be paid off.

In addition to the outstanding balance, there could be a chargeback fee associated with pre-arbitrations and chargebacks. The magnitude of this fee – as well as when it is charged off – depends on your case.

You can find more information about these fees in your billing ticket connected to the respective issue or dispute. If you’re uncertain where to locate these details, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for further assistance!

If a Chargeback is initiated, your Seotraffik account will be blocked and you won’t have the chance to buy or use it again. Also, all data stored in the said Seotraffik account like content, features or capacity may be terminated without warning leading to loss of information.

To resume your use of Seotraffik Services and be able to once again checkout using a credit card, you must:

  • To Resolve your disputed transaction, it is necessary to provide either proof of payment or an obscured photo of the credit card with only the first six and last four digits visible.
  • Pay any applicable fees in full, including any fees and expenses incurred by SeoTraffik and/or any third-party services for each Chargeback received (including fees for Seotraffik Services provided prior to the Chargeback, handling and processing charges, and fees incurred by the payment processor).

In cases of blatant payment or criminal fraud chargebacks, the service will be discontinued without any opportunity for recovery. This policy is non-negotiable and enforced permanently.

Before filing a Chargeback or reversing any payments made to Seotraffik, we strongly encourage you to first contact our Customer Support team. Taking this step will help avoid the unwarranted cancellation of your Seotraffik Services and account blockage, along with additional fees for an erroneous chargeback. Furthermore, all charges paid for the services purchased from Seotraffik must be re-paid in full if a chargeback is filed without contacting our support team beforehand.

We maintain the right to dispute any Chargeback we receive, including by providing evidence of authorization from the User in question and proof that they made use of our Services. We will give the credit card company or financial institution whatever information is needed to prove this.

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