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What type of payment options do you offer?

We have made it,quite easy, for you,to pay us:

1-We accept your Visa and Mastercard

2-Apple Pay

3-Google Pay

4-Our own-in-house digital wallet-SeoTraffik Wallet-which we highly suggest,for easier and faster transactions and refunds.

5-Our loyalty reward program,where,you may want to prepaid for points,which you can use for your future subscriptions or payments.We highly suggest this option too.

6-For any larger transactions,which typically,may occur,as a direct result,of exceeding the limits of your subscrition plan or any forseen proyect price quotes,for your safety concerns,we have available the use of our escrow partner-InstantEscrow.This is also another highly suggested option,for any safety concerns you may have,in regards,to our services.

7-Paypal-This is a popular payment option for many.

8-Coming Soon-We will be also offering the following payment options: Razorpay is the only payments solution in India that allows businesses to accept its currency and we will be accepting gold and silver via Kinesis Pay.KinesisPay is a revolutionary new way of  allowing customers to effortlessly make instant purchases with precious metals outside of the traditional fiat banking system.Learn more about the KinesisPay Option

Please note,please allow up to 10 business days,minus holidays and weekends,for your refund or credit to processed.This is based on the accepted standard processing times of many financial institutions.Once it has be refunded by us,any further inquiries need to redirected to your financial institution.

This is why we suggest you,elect,to use our own-e-wallet digital payment method.You can simply add money to your wallet through the available payment methods,we offer at checkout.Our e-wallet payment option increases the ease and security of our payment process.This why we highly recommend it,give it try today.

Also for your convienience,we also offer the option of our loyalty rewards program-where you can request to have points,instead of a refund-Points are instantly credited to your account for future access.



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