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WordPress Bug Fixing

How can bugs and virus Affect Your Website or business?

A server crash could spell absolute disaster for your business. With the crash of your server, goes the crash of your website.

In the meantime, your competitors are getting that much further ahead!

Research has shown that website downtime can negatively affect your business reputation in a big way.

The reliability and professionalism of your brand fly right out the window, along with your revenue. Additionally, server downtime can negatively affect employee productivity.

This lag leaves you with both unhappy customers and a back-log of work!

Avoid disaster and let us,assist you,further with any nasty bugs or viruses,you and your online business,may encounter along the way!

What do you recieve?

Our vastly efficient team ,will assist,you further,by cleaning up or sorting out your WordPress website bugs, fixing its issues and bugs. We look into the source code too to evaluate its security standard and then if required we fix it.

Theme And Plugins

We can help when, your website either needs updates,to any WordPress plugin or themes.

JavaScript and CSS

CSS and JavaScript errors will often manifest themselves on the front end. We will make sure,your website or business,loads or looks properly,

PHP and Database

PHP and Database errors usually cause your entire website or a specific page not to load at all,we can make sure,that is resolved,as quickly as possible.

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service now!

Enough,of the small talk and let us,do our magic,for you and  your online business or website,today!

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