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This is the perfect plan for those budget minded small business,seeking a affordable way of helping to keep down,ever-increasing costs such as webservices for your small business needs.

Our agency-exclusive pricing model is designed to give you maximum flexibility, transparency and a great way of keeping costs down. We charge based on a support hours basis.With this great plan,you get pick and select what services you need,all for one inclusive affordable price.This is perfect for any small,medium or large business,that needs premuim services but trying to keep web services within budget.Note,many competitors,charge,many times over,what we charge,which,makes this plan,a total super value and a no brainer,for all your business needs.

Just becuase,this plan,is affordable,we dont skip out,on the premuim services,you need.Here are examples,what you get with this fanstatic plan:

1-Select Any of Services,we offer in our shop.

This is a great way to take advantage of all services we offer,while saving a ton of money,in the process.

2-Get a Dedicated Assigned Rep for your business

By having a dedicated rep,assigned to you,it makes it easy,to know who exactly,is responsible for your business requests,

3-Carry forward up to maxiuim 5 hours into your next yearly subscription

We clearly understand that,the chances,of using all our alloted support team within the scope of your monthly subscription,wont be used,thus why,we have made it easy,to simply carry over,up to 5 hours extra,in your next monthly subscription,these support hours.Note,this plan,is limited to 25 support hours,however,since,you get to carry over,5 hours,in your next subscription,this makes this perk,a excellent instant value,for your business.

4-Priority Delivery

Becuase we understand,time is money,we strive,to produce completed and satified results,within a 24 to 48 hour delivery process.

5-We include 3 months of hosting for ytour website with this great yearly plan.

Note : These are just raw estimates. Actually work done could be higher based,on simplicity of requirements and vice-versa.

For your understanding and estimation,here is what  25  support hrs can get you in general.

25 Social Media Posts

A simple 4-5 Page Website in WordPress

Logo Design

or any other service plan,we feature.

Note,Book a consultation,beforehand to understand our process in detail and see how this plan,can help in growing or maintaining your online business.









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